Welcome to the 4th edition of Graphy Digest

Hello, All of us have teachers who’ve made an outsized impact on our lives. Maybe it was that chemistry professor who also told the best ghost stories or your college mentor who always believed in your dreams. The best teachers understand that with “great power comes great responsibility”.

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Graphy Digest

This month we’ve been focusing on improving the speed at which you can benefit from the Graphy eco-system. Think of your journey like that of an F1 racer. Our job is to ensure that your pit stops are as fast, smooth, and supportive as possible. We’ve got two innovative improvements for you 🏎️

Graphy Spotlight

2021 was a big year for us. The year we built capacity. The year we took off runways. The year we found flight. We take pride in the fact that our mission to empower creators to scale their knowledge business, personal brand, and community is thriving.