Spayee 🀝 Graphy

We have some good news to share! We were recently acquired by Graphy, an Unacademy group company. Now, we're joining hands with Team Graphy and rebranding as Graphy β€” to give you the best product possible.

Announcing Graphy Top 50- September

In the success of our creators, lies our success. To celebrate our most successful creators, we are thrilled to announce the Graphy Top 50 πŸ‘‘ β€” an elite club of the top 50 creators on the leaderboard that we will announce and celebrate every month.

Quills - From your fans, with love

If someone asks why you're a creator, you're most likely going to think of your community first. Introducing Quills, a digital keepsake your super fans can send to express just how much they love your work and being part of your community.