Welcome to the 1st edition of Graphy Digest

Your go-to resource to learn more about what we’re building for you.

I can’t promise to keep it short, but I will make it worth your time.

Every day at Graphy, we try to answer one question — what more can we do for you to succeed.

Is it sleek no-code websites, is it Netflix standard content security, is it a sure-shot way to monetize your audience?

It’s all of this and more...

What we’ve been busy building‌‌

1. New themes for your website

Do exponentially more with your brand with new digital storefronts⚡

‌‌2. One-tap login for your platform

Your learners can now log into your platform using their Facebook and Google accounts.

It’s that simple. Forgotten passwords don’t stand a chance.

To enable social login for your platform, check out these articles we’ve written for you.

3. Get Netflix level content security with DRM

We don’t just promise that we’ll protect the streaming of your video content. We deliver on it.

In fact, we’ve ensured top-notch content security on mobile apps so your teaching experience never falters.

Now your content is piracy-proof even on Google Chrome browser on Windows.

Web or mobile, you can teach stress-free.

3. Introducing memberships

Right now you probably use Telegram or WhatsApp or Discord to manage your community.

What if we said, now you don’t need to. Well, we’re saying it.

By launching a membership, you can give your community access to an exclusive group chat.

That’s just the start. You can also sell exclusive courses and member-only content.

Making recurring revenue is now on the table ♠️

4. Two new payment gateway integrations unlocked

Now you can integrate Xendit and shurjoPay to Graphy and easily sell your courses in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.

We’re so excited for you to expand your business!

‌‌‌‌Check out the Xendit and shurjoPay integration articles we've written for you‌.

Maintenance matters ‌‌

Just like wearing the right shoes for a trek — maintenance is everything.

It’s the daily small improvements, the ones that happen when no one is watching, that compound.

I’ll take you through three solved tickets that have made an impact on your experience.

Bonus points if you’ve noticed them already 😉

A bug in the course listing on Safari for iPhones

There was a bug due to which course listing was stuck in loading... on Safari for iPhones. It’s been fixed.

A bug in the automated emails

Every time a new video is added to your courses, if enabled, automated emails are sent to your learners.

There was a bug that was not automatically adding the name of the learner — we’ve fixed it.

A bug in the course re-purchasing

In some cases, your learners were not getting an option to repurchase the course after expiry. We’ve ensured that there’s no bug in the course re-purchasing flow now.

‌‌That's all for today folks. We hope you enjoyed tuning in to the first edition of Graphy Digest.

Thank you for reading.

If you have any feedback, please reply to this email or drop it at https://feedback.graphy.com

Best, ‌‌
Saumya from Graphy

Saumya R. Kedia

Saumya R. Kedia