Graphy Spotlight

Every great story has moments that change its course.

2021 was a big year for us. The year we built capacity. The year we took off runways. The year we found flight.

We take pride in the fact that our mission to empower creators to scale their knowledge business, personal brand, and community is thriving.

Our creators, and yes, we’re definitely flexing — earned more than ₹ 150 crores in 2021. Their lives changed forever.

In fact, the positive impact on the lives of their 80 lakh learners has also been massive.

Learners took 46,530 courses and participated in more than 1,03,270 live classes!

Every improvement we shipped this year was to ensure that our creators can do the work of their lives. Whether it’s helping them launch their own community or giving them fully customized mobile apps — we go above and beyond.

You can keep scoring goals, we’ll manage the net.

The highest single-day GMV earned on Graphy in 2021 is ₹ 1,61,44,199.

When we say we support creators, we mean it.

In 2021, we launched Graphy Select — India’s first-ever creator accelerator program to help budding creators and teachers turn their passion into a paycheck. The cohort received mentorship from industry titans who collectively have more than 25 million subscribers on YouTube.

Cohort member Sukin Shetty says, “I got an opportunity to learn from amazing and big creators of India who were our mentors. They shared all their experiences and secrets about creating content. The program was structured beautifully where each topic related to content creation was taught by a mentor. Mentors also shared various kinds of monetization, some of which I didn't know. I also got personal feedback from mentors on my content ideas, which helped me a lot. We all had the opportunity to ask them questions directly."

You can check out Graphy Select here

Did you know? 26 out of 28 states in India have a creator that builds with Graphy. Let that sink in.

In fact, Graphy is expanding globally. We’re present in 86 countries and will raise the curtain in many more this year.

Have a friend that will benefit from building with Graphy? Refer them here

Lastly, at Graphy, it’s the team that makes anything and everything possible. We’re delighted to share that our team has grown 4x across 70 cities, 3 countries, and speaks in over 13 languages!

With a culture of collaboration, innovation, and ownership — we’re ready to make new moves in 2022.

If you want to join an all-star team building for the next decade of the creator economy, look no further — we’re hiring. Tell us what we could be doing better. Tell us how you’d like to contribute. Please write to us at and let’s build together.

Sumit Jain

Sumit Jain

Co-Founder & CEO, Graphy