Welcome to the 4th edition of Graphy Digest


All of us have teachers who’ve made an outsized impact on our lives.

Maybe it was that chemistry professor who also told the best ghost stories or your college mentor who always believed in your dreams.

The best teachers understand that with “great power comes great responsibility”.

They inspire, gently correct, guide you to answers, and care about your curiosities.

At Graphy, we’re focused on building a teaching experience that takes your powers to superhero levels 🦸‍♀️

What we’ve been busy building

Why stop at Zoom? Teach on the world stage

A large part of the excitement of online teaching is reaching an audience at scale.

You’re no longer limited by location or class size. For the first time, in history perhaps, our classrooms can be as large and brimming as our ideas.

Now you can teach up to 30,000 learners LIVE right from Graphy.

By providing a premium live class experience — your learners will know that you are committed to offering them the best.

Put a spotlight on peer learning

The feeling of being in a community is hard to explain: moments of laughter sprinkled between intense discussions on great books or sharing gifs in the middle of solving problem sets.

But learning without a community can be like watching a movie with no popcorn ☹️

And guess what? We got popcorn.

Start a thread appreciating your community’s champions or share those memes and watch your members take it from there ❤️

Zoom right into your top priorities

An overview of your north-star metrics

Data is mileage for running a good business. We give you a quick overview of signups, paid users, and total revenue so your most important numbers are always at your fingertips.


Remember that task you left halfway? You probably don’t.

The new ‘pick up where you left off’ section on your homepage ensures that you can jump right back into any important task you left mid-way.

We’re totally doubling down as your productivity app for free 🤫

Freely tinker with your masterpiece 📲

At Graphy, the process of creating your own app is smooth and powerful.
On top of that, we’ve released two improvements to add flexibility to your app creation ⚡️

Get real-time app previews

A dynamic preview shows you how every customization will be implemented.
You’ll also get a sneak peek at how your content will look on the home screen 👀

Seamlessly update your app

Every time we release a new feature, you’ll get notified, and you can instantly update your app! Plus, you can easily push new customizations to your apps, and keep track of the version history 👣

That's all for today folks. We hope you enjoyed tuning in to the fourth edition of Graphy Digest. Thank you for reading.

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Saumya from Graphy

Saumya R. Kedia

Saumya R. Kedia