Welcome to the 3rd edition of Graphy Digest


This month we’ve been focusing on improving the speed at which you can benefit from the Graphy eco-system.

Think of your journey like that of an F1 racer.

Our job is to ensure that your pit stops are as fast, smooth, and supportive as possible. We’ve got two innovative improvements for you 🏎️

Graphy payment gateway - The quickest way to activate payments for creators from India.

Graphy Repo - A social media analytics tool that turns activity from YouTube, Twitter, NFT marketplaces, etc. into never seen before insights 🎁

What we’ve been busy building‌‌

Your first sale, quicker than ever

Your payments now have a new genie! Introducing the Graphy payment gateway that will grant you four wishes:

  1. Zero set-up
  2. Accept payments in seconds
  3. One dashboard for all your settlement data
  4. Competitive pricing

All you have to do is say some magic words — simply verify your bank account details with us to start accepting your payments.

Don’t worry, we won’t keep any magic tricks hidden up our sleeves 😉

With the settlement dashboard, you can check the status of your earnings, the breakdown of transaction charges, and manage your refunds directly.

Every rep counts 🚀

We’ve launched Graphy Repo so you can learn from creators who inspire you to work harder!

At its core, Graphy Repo is a social media analytics tool that gives you insights from YouTube, Twitter, NFTs marketplaces, etc.

  • Search across platforms, categories, and countries.
  • Track content performance through organized data. In fact, in-built features like the Repometer make it even simpler.
  • Check out your favorite creator’s greatest hits and who’s buying NFTs in the bear market 👀 Follow them on Repo and get aggregated updates on their growth delivered right to your inbox.

That's all for today folks. We hope you enjoyed tuning in to the third edition of Graphy Digest.

Thank you for reading.

If you have any feedback, please reply to this email or drop it at https://feedback.graphy.com

Best, ‌‌
Saumya from Graphy

Saumya R. Kedia

Saumya R. Kedia