Welcome to the 2nd edition of Graphy Digest

It’s been a month of constant shipping.

If we were a product-ion house (get it 😉), it’d be the TV-show episode where three new characters have made appearances!

Let me introduce them —

The new home: obviously here to move the plot forward…

Membership: contesting to be the main character 🤫

Link: the voice of reason and glue to the friend group.

What we’ve been busy building‌‌

The new home

The shortest route to any feature you’re searching for —

Want to create your website? Get started right away.

Thinking of launching a membership? Why wait!

You won’t forget any key tasks to running your business.

In fact, the summary of key activities, curation of resources, and introductions to features will guide you — to your north star metrics.

Your community of super fans is waiting…

With your own membership — create exclusive content for your fans, launch an invite-only group chat, and make recurring revenue!

Calling fitness influencers, writers, music teachers, lifestyle entrepreneurs… you get it.

We’ll help you reap the right rewards from daily content creation ✨

Tired of discussing meeting logistics again? Same 🤦🏾‍♀️

It’s why we’ve built Link — a new product that we’re using internally to simplify meetings.

Just set up your availability so your audience can book a slot with you directly.

You can host them for free or charge for your time with ease (psst! we’re integrated with Stripe).

It’s ironic, but with Link, you don’t need to send links — share a beautiful booking page instead.

Think Calendly, but without the decision fatigue.

That's all for today folks. We hope you enjoyed tuning in to the second edition of Graphy Digest.

Thank you for reading.

If you have any feedback, please reply to this email or drop it at https://feedback.graphy.com

Best, ‌‌
Saumya from Graphy

Saumya R. Kedia

Saumya R. Kedia